Team Members

Soon, we will introduce our team members here.

We have Virtual Workspace.

Digital Hazaristan Team, a Team Across the Globe With a Mission to Bring Radical Changes for Public Good

Digital Hazaristan - e-Hazaristan هزارستان دیجیتال - هزارستان الکترونیکی

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Join Us in Digital Hazaristan to Make It Happen

We need experts in fields such as Information Systems and Technology, Software Engineering, Front and Backed Development, Smart Contract, Zero-knowledge Proof, Blockchain Development, Artificial Intelligence, Information Security, Privacy, Law, Economics, Business, Communication, Statistics, Human Resource Management, and Anthropology.

Ambassadors of Digital Hazaristan

Digital Hazaristan- Ambassador Program to Raise Awareness

In addition to our team members and information channels and networks, we will develop and introduce an ambassador program to raise awareness and accelerate e-readiness efforts and eliminate the digital divide among the Hazara.

Digital Hazaristan
Our Vision is:

A Human-Centered Digital Society and Digital Sovereign Nation

Our Mission is:

Constructing a Self-Sovereign Identity and Building the Ecosystem of Digital Hazaristan With Meaningful and Functional Interactions Based on Fundamental Human Rights Principles and Values, Including Dignity, Fairness, Equality, Respect, and Independence, and the Goals of the Hazaristan Charter

Your Support Accelerates the Building Process of Digital Hazaristan