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Eda Tegin: Digital Hazaristan Resource Development Manager

Eda Tegin

Resource Development Manager

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Eda Tegin, our Resource Development Manager, exemplifies exceptional leadership and a deep commitment to community building. While pursuing her MBA, she leverages her 14 years of expertise in quality and compliance to drive strategic resource allocation and fuel responsible growth for Digital Hazaristan.

A Passion for Education and Empowerment

Eda's dedication extends far beyond corporate excellence. Her lifelong commitment to education and empowerment is evident in her co-founding and teaching at the Kawar Educational Centre in Pakistan. This passion continued as a primary school teacher at the Ufuq Educational Centre, where she fostered knowledge and opportunity at the grassroots level.

Active Citizenship in Action

Beyond her professional pursuits, Eda actively embodies the spirit of civic engagement. As President of the Federation of Hazara Council of Australia, she demonstrates exceptional leadership, advocating for the Hazara community. Her commitment extends further; she actively engages with various community organizations and holds membership in the United Nations Association of Australia (N.S.W. Division).

A Strategic Leader with a Heart for Service

Eda Tegin's diverse background, coupled with her ongoing academic pursuits, positions her as a strategic leader with a heart for service. Her unwavering passion for progress and dedication to building a stronger community make her an invaluable asset to Digital

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