Digital Hazaristan

Digital Hazaristan, a Natively Digital Ecosystem for Meaningful and Functional Interaction Between Identity Issuers, Holders and Verifiers

It covers various scopes, including Digital Identity, Civil Registration, Vital Statistics, Digital Democracy, Digital Banking, Digital Education, Digital Economics, and Digital Welfare.

Digital Hazaristan - e-Hazaristan هزارستان دیجیتال - هزارستان الکترونیکی
Futures Thinking

Engineering and Developing Hazaristan Ecosystem Aligned With the Sustainable Development Goals

Building Blocks of Digital Hazaristan/e-Hazaristan

We Need to Solve Complexities in Different Areas and Put Blocks and Subblocks Together


Such as Hazaristan Charter, Human Rights, Social Identity Theory, Game Theory, Natively Digital, Self-sovereign, Citizen Control, and Sustainable Development Goals


Such as National Identification Numbers, Census and Real-Time Statistics, Democracy, Banking, Education, Business, Economics, and Social Welfare


Such as Privacy (e.g., GDPR), Information Security, Anti-money laundering, and Counter-Terrorism


Such as the Standards of Internet Society, Internet Engineering Task Force, World Wide Web Consortium, and European Community for Standards


Such as Web3, Semantic Web, Cloud Computing, Quantum Resistant Blockchain, Post-quantum Cryptography, Artificial Intelligence, and Artificial Intelligence Resistant Identity


Such as Verifiable Credentials and Trust Framework, Including Human Trust and Cryptographic Trust Between Issuer, Holder, and Verifier

Our Vision is:

A Human-Centered Digital Society and Digital Sovereign Nation

Our Mission is:

Constructing a Self-Sovereign Identity and Building the Ecosystem of Digital Hazaristan With Meaningful and Functional Interactions Based on Fundamental Human Rights Principles and Values, Including Dignity, Fairness, Equality, Respect, and Independence, and the Goals of the Hazaristan Charter

Your Support Accelerates the Building Process of Digital Hazaristan