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Dr. Sana Nikpai

Dr. Yar Sana Nikpai

Board Member and Legal Advisor

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Dr. Yar Sana Nikpai, a legal scholar and unwavering advocate for the Hazara community, serves as a cornerstone of Digital Hazaristan. Born in Sehpista village, Baghlan (1961), his life has been shaped by his Hazara heritage and a resolute pursuit of justice. His impressive academic journey, culminating in Master's and Doctoral degrees in Law, Government, and Political Science, with a focus on the philosophy of law and governance, equipped him with a deep understanding of the legal and political systems crucial for human rights advocacy.

Bridging the Divide and Empowering the Community:

Dr. Nikpai actively fosters cultural understanding through his membership in the Canadian Writers Association and the Canadian Ethnic Media Association. He further served as director and publisher of "New Thought," providing a platform for diverse voices within the Canadian-Hazara community.

A Tireless Voice with a Legal Lens:

Dr. Nikpai, known by his pen names Sana Nikpi and Dr. Nikpi, is a prolific writer and a powerful advocate. His published works delve into critical issues concerning human rights, regulations, and governance, often analyzed through the lens of international law. This unwavering dedication extends to his contributions to Kabul Press, a leading independent media outlet focusing on these crucial themes.

Unveiling the Hazara Genocide through Legal Scrutiny:

Dr. Nikpai's recent book, "Theoretical Study of Genocide and the Extensive Dimensions of the Hazara Genocide (Persian Edition)," stands as a testament to his dedication to exposing the truth. This groundbreaking work meticulously dissects the complexities of the Hazara Genocide, analyzing it within the legal framework of international law. He exposes the vast scope, devastating human cost, and perpetrators' motivations, while meticulously outlining the shortcomings in international law regarding recognition and prosecution of such atrocities.

A Call to Action Rooted in Legal Analysis:

Dr. Yar Sana Nikpai embodies the unwavering spirit of a scholar, advocate, and human rights champion. His expertise in the philosophy of law and governance uniquely positions him to offer invaluable legal counsel and strategic guidance to Digital Hazaristan. His dedication to knowledge, his relentless pursuit of justice, and his commitment to amplifying marginalized voices make him a crucial asset. With Dr. Nikpai's legal expertise, Digital Hazaristan is further empowered in its mission to achieve justice and a brighter future for the Hazara people.


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