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Join Us to Realize Digital Hazaristan and Build a Human-Centered Digital Society

We know that we need to work closely with actors in different sectors, and our success depends on the right partnership with organizations, including local and international NGOs, tech companies, schools and universities, and pro bono providers. Soon, we will develop partnership plans to get support and have partners from different sectors in our journey for the public good.

  • Founding Partners
  • General Partners
  • Hazara Organizations
  • Schools and Universities
  • Pro Bono Support
Digital Hazaristan - e-Hazaristan هزارستان دیجیتال - هزارستان الکترونیکی
Join Us

Digital Hazaristan Welcomes Hazara and Non-Hazara Organizations Who Work for Human Rights, the Public Good, and the Advancement of Technology to Accompany Us

Strong Start

Essential Tools & Resources

Digital Hazaristan gratefully acknowledges the support of numerous organizations that provide essential tools at no cost to nonprofits. These contributions enable us to streamline operations, maximize impact, and serve the Hazara community more effectively.

We thank Google, Microsoft, Slack, GitHub,, GitBook, Meta Platforms, and IP Plans (domain & hosting).

Your generous support allows us to leverage these tools and focus on our mission.

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Our Vision is:

A Human-Centered Digital Society and Digital Sovereign Nation

Our Mission is:

Constructing a Self-Sovereign Identity and Building the Ecosystem of Digital Hazaristan With Meaningful and Functional Interactions Based on Fundamental Human Rights Principles and Values, Including Dignity, Fairness, Equality, Respect, and Independence, and the Goals of the Hazaristan Charter

Your Support Accelerates the Building Process of Digital Hazaristan