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Kamran Mir Hazar

Founder and Board Chairperson

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Born in Hazaristan in 1976, Kamran Mir Hazar is a Hazara Norwegian poet, journalist, human rights advocate, and information systems specialist. His dedication to social justice fuels his passion for using technology to empower the Hazara community.

A Multifaceted Champion of Equity

Mir Hazar's impressive 15-year career showcases his diverse skillset. He has become a powerful voice for the marginalized, wielding investigative journalism as a tool for social change. Kabul Press, a leading news platform he founded, is a powerful symbol of this commitment. Beyond journalism, his expertise extends to the technical side of media operations, having served as webmaster, developer, and server administrator for Kabul Press. This unique blend of skills strengthens his leadership of Digital Hazaristan, an initiative dedicated to technological advancement for the Hazara community.

Elevating the Hazara Narrative on the Global Stage

Mir Hazar actively champions the Hazara identity internationally. His design for the Hazara flag serves as a potent symbol, a visual representation of their rich cultural heritage. This emblem prominently graced the cover of "Poems for the Hazara," a collaborative effort by over 125 poets from 68 countries. Further solidifying his role as an amplifier of the Hazara voice, Mir Hazar served as the editor of this impactful anthology. This not only facilitated cultural exchange but ensured the voices of the Hazara community resonated internationally.

A Bridge Between Cultures

Mir Hazar transcends geographical limitations. His membership in the Norwegian Writers' Center and participation in international literary events demonstrate his commitment to fostering cross-cultural understanding. His poems, translated into numerous languages, transcend geographical boundaries. Their evocative style brings awareness to the human rights violations endured by the Hazara community, such as the targeted killings and forced disappearances documented in his investigative reports for Kabul Press. This pursuit of truth, both through investigative reporting and his poignant verse, underscores the importance of freedom of expression for all.

The Seeds of Digital Hazaristan

The foundation for Mir Hazar's visionary program, Digital Hazaristan, was sown in his groundbreaking master's thesis titled: "Stateless Nations and Digital Identity Construction: The Case of the Hazara of Hazaristan Under Microscope." This research explored the critical role of digital identity construction for stateless nations like the Hazara. It identified digital inclusion as a path to self-determination and a potential tool for improving Hazara’s human rights situation. The thesis acknowledged the challenges, including trust issues and the digital divide, but argued that the potential benefits outweigh the obstacles.

Building a Sovereign Future Through Technology

Mir Hazar's experience as an ICT consultant further strengthens his qualifications for leading Digital Hazaristan. This expertise, combined with his Master's degree in Management Information Systems (MIS) from the University of South-Eastern Norway, equips him to navigate the complexities of establishing a digital society and ensuring digital inclusion for the Hazara community.

Digital Hazaristan is a long-term strategic initiative with a clear objective: to establish a human-centered digital society and a digital sovereign nation. This initiative empowers the Hazara community by fostering digital inclusion and self-determination in the digital age. Sustainability is a key focus, with ongoing funding, capacity building within the Hazara community, and fostering international partnerships all crucial for the program's long-term success.

Kamran Mir Hazar embodies the unwavering spirit of a human rights advocate, journalist, and visionary leader. His dedication to truth, cultural exchange, and the empowerment of the Hazara community paves the way for a more equitable future built on the foundation of digital inclusion. He has also published several poetry collections, further amplifying the Hazara voice on the international stage.

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