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Digital Hazaristan/ e-Hazaristan is a long-term strategic program to change the life of millions. The Hazara are one of the most persecuted peoples and nations in the world, facing systematic crimes such as genocide, forced displacement, and discrimination since the 19th century. We want to help them change this. We want to empower them with the most advanced knowledge from different fields, enabled natively by technology.
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Digital Hazaristan - e-Hazaristan هزارستان دیجیتال - هزارستان الکترونیکی
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Our Vision is:

A Human-Centered Digital Society and Digital Sovereign Nation

Our Mission is:

Constructing a Self-Sovereign Identity and Building the Ecosystem of Digital Hazaristan With Meaningful and Functional Interactions Based on Fundamental Human Rights Principles and Values, Including Dignity, Fairness, Equality, Respect, and Independence, and the Goals of the Hazaristan Charter