Hazaristan Charter

Hazara Country, Hazaristan

According to the Hazaristan Charter, Article 20, a) Hazaristan is the land of the Dai(s), and the Dais are the main determinants of the Hazaristan borders. b) Part or parts of the Dais that have been occupied as a result of the systematic crimes against the Hazara since the time of Ahmad Shah Abdali and especially during Abdul Rahman Barakzai in the last decade of the 19th century are still considered parts of the territory of Hazaristan.

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Henry Walter Bellew (30 August 1834 – 26 July 1892)

Borders of the Hazara country, Hazaristan: “Extending from the border of Kabul and Ghazni to those of Herat in one direction and from the vicinity of Kandahar to that of Balkh in the other.”

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